Living in Pine Valley, Utah, has some real challenges for receiving reliable Internet service. In the last six years, we have tried two satellite companies, a start up wireless company that was in and out daily which they eventually sold out to another company. They upgraded the equipment but we still had no solid speed and a lot of down time with no reimbursement for lost internet. As a business owner who believes that customer service always comes first, we were, continually frustrated with their lack of response to any of our calls. We try to run our companies from Pine Valley and that was very difficult. One of our neighbors had looked around at a number of services as they were retiring and moving here full time. They chose AWI and were quite pleased with it. When they told us about it, we were still not sure as it was another wireless company but we had nothing to lose so we decided to give it a try. The customer service was (and still is) exceptional and the installer even arrived ahead of schedule. He went above and beyond to make sure that everything was working properly before he left and it has been great from the time we switched over. I urge you, don't wait and sign up!

Thank you AWI
Gene in Pine Valley

We started using AWI, then named Sky-View Technologies , as our internet provider about 2002. They came to our house and installed all that was necessary to be up and running. When we moved to another house in 2006, AWI took care of all that needed doing to transfer their service to the new location. Questions we asked over the next several years were always answered quickly, and assistance given, whether over the telephone or at their place of business when we stopped by. When necessary, a service person would come to our house to resolve any situation we couldn’t take care of ourselves. It is really advantageous to have such a business located nearby. Perhaps as important as the marvelous service are the friendly, courteous, listening, smiling, and welcoming people we’ve had contact with at AWI, every one of them, without exception. We cancelled our AWI service, (the people there were absolutely kind and polite), in 2012 and signed with another provider, not local, to save a few dollars. We had to deal with a company in another state while trying to get email functioning. It was a stressful three weeks, with no positive results. We lost our antenna television because the other company used our television cable to hook up their internet connection. For three weeks we could not send out any email. AWI actually kept sending our incoming email to us all this time so we could have time to notify everyone who sends us emails about the change of email address even though they were no longer our provider, although during this time we could not send any email. We cancelled the ‘new’ provider, and went to AWI and asked to resume our service with them. Again, nothing but pleasant conversation. Knowing they had been here to remove their equipment when we had cancelled, and that now they’d have to come and install it again, we offered to pay for the “unnecessary” work. We were told that with a one-year contract there would be no charge. Accompanied with a smile, of course. We were quickly back on the internet with the help of AWI’s technicians who actually came to our house and helped us set up our email system. All email accounts are now functioning wonderful We believe that the quality of performance and the care of the personnel are not surpassed. Dealing with AWI’ is really not different than visiting with your neighbors in the back yard. Stress-free and enjoyable. Yes – actually Enjoyable

Roger & Anne

I am a new customer about 3 months now. I have an awesome wireless network. The people in the office are friendly and the technicians are fast and friendly to talk with. I have never had a problem getting a fast connection and service is the best. The price and service can't be beat! Try it and you'll love it as much as I do.

Tonya in St. George, Utah.

Washington County School District has been working with AWI for about eight years. AWI contacted us and offered to provide services and support at a time when connectivity was much more limited than it is today. Our elementary schools had what was considered to be a high bandwidth connection, but it was smaller than most home connections available now. We teamed with AWI to place a pair of wireless modems in each elementary school which improved our bandwidth by at least a factor of 10 in each school. AWI was able to bring those connections directly back to our main office so that we could provide the filtering and control demanded by law and our needs. It made a world of difference to our schools. Our schools are now all connected via fiber with the exception of Springdale, and AWI has made it possible for Springdale to have a robust connection where it was financially impossible to do with other Internet Service Providers (ISPs). AWI now provides many of our schools with redundant connectivity which we occasionally have to use. AWI has been an incredible partner. They have provided excellent connectivity at a cost that is far below what any other ISP would do for us. Their customer service has been nothing less than first rate. Again, it hasn’t been matched by any other ISP we have used. As the Technology Director for Washington County School District, I can’t say enough good things about AWI. I am very thankful AWI providing service in our area.

Charlie Roberts
Technology & Media Director
Washington County SD

AWI Networks American Wireless Inc.

AWI has been a long time customer of Wireless Acquisition LLC (EMCEE / Conifer Wireless) and a long term partner in development of new technologies serving rural communities with high speed data services. Wireless Acquisition provides microwave transmission and reception equipment serving world wide markets with products designed and manufactured in the USA. AWI is recognized as offering the highest speed data services in the country to its customers via wireless technologies. Serving a rural market in rugged terrain with Line of Site microwave technologies is challenging to say the least. Currently in the United States there are approximately 12 systems serving rural communities with similar cable modem over wireless technologies but AWI has distinguished itself as offering the highest speed services utilizing cutting edge technologies in the country. AWI has been able to offer this type of service by being very entrepreneurial and creating innovative solutions to problems as they arise. Conifer Wireless and EMCEE Communications began our partnership with AWI in the days of analog television distribution over wireless commonly called “wireless cable”. As the technology evolved into digital TV and digital data services AWI stayed on the leading edge of the technology. In the late 1990’s as the internet became popular, AWI began development of their system to distribute high speed data services to their rural customers. By 2002 they had the capability to compete with any data service provider via wireless but began to look at how to increase their service area and offerings. As we have developed new technology products over the years, AWI has been consistently among the early adopters if not one of the primary development partners. From the days of increasing television channel offerings by converting to digital format, AWI was in the forefront of technology. Compressing 4 to 6 television channels into the spectrum a single analog channel, innovative statistical multiplexing equipment, EMCEE Digacomm Transmitters, and digital downconverters were brought in and utilized to deliver the best and most reliable product possible to the market. When connecting to the internet became important to their customers, AWI responded with state of the art cable modem technologies adapted to the wireless environment. As the demand grew for greater coverage and increased speeds, EMCEE and Conifer worked in conjunction with AWI to develop methods to trunk high speed data to remote transmission sites via the spectrum they were already allocated. Several state of the art products were developed for this application which became widely deployed around the world. Eventually the demand outstripped the capabilities as more spectrum was needed to serve the customers and newer high speed/high reliability data links were deployed to meet their needs. The most recent developments have leveraged the full potential of the DOCSIS platform in deploying the DOCSIS 3 standard. The most recent revision of the standard allows multiple modems to be concatenated to provide truly high speed data to service business and residential customers. AWI is the only broadband wireless provider in the country currently offering speeds as high as 100Mbps to customers via the DOCSIS platform. For that matter there are few cable companies that offer this level of service! Providing this level of service required the deployment of upgraded CMTS chassis and new transmission and reception gear. EMCEE Communications transmission gear represents the latest technology in transmitters allowing extremely linear performance. The new transmission gear is remotely monitored with network interfaces providing the most reliable and proactively maintained system available today. On the reception side, from the customer to the provider, they have been a development partner and have deployed the latest tower mounted reception technology and equipment available. The technology and topology of the equipment has become the industry standard and is currently being deployed in several other markets around the world. EMCEE Communications and Conifer Wireless are proud to have AWI Networks as a customer and development partner in providing rural America with high speed data services usually found only in high tech centers of the country. The innovative approaches developed by AWI in partnership with their suppliers have enabled the communities they serve to have access to cost effective high speed data connectivity. As a leading provider of broadband wireless data services AWI has established network topologies that are being successfully duplicated all over the world allowing access to literally millions of people.

Marc Mills
Vice president of Engineering
Wireless Acquisition LLC
EMCEE Communications & Conifer Wireless