Wireless Fiber

Speeds from 10M to 1G

Southern Utah's most reliable Dedicated Wireless Fiber provider

Wireless Fiber Radio

99.9% Guaranteed Up-time

Unlimited Data Usage

Dedicated Bandwidth

  • Dedicated wireless Fiber Connections
  • Starting at $200.00 / Month
  • 10Mbps x 10Mbps - 1Gbps x 1Gbps
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  • Priority, on-call support
  • Interference-free FCC-licensed radio equipment

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Need fiber-optic bandwidth, latency, AND reliability?

Tired of waiting for next-generation broadband to come to you?

Introducing AWI Wireless Fiber!

We install a dedicated, licensed-frequency radio on our tower, and extend our Fiber-optic backbone directly to you.

If you are tired of waiting for Fiber-Optic Internet to reach your building give us a call. With our carrier-grade

equipment, we are able to bring fiber internet to your home or business. Don't be fooled by companies that sell

unlicensed wireless connections, these can be easily affected by other connections in the area. AWI Networks provides

truly reliable, licensed Wireless Fiber throughout Southern Utah.

Call us today at (866) 674-0320!